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Communal Living with Rob Bancroft

This episode has everything: a quiz that Sandi spectacularly loses, a guest that digs into the nitty gritty of communal living, and a fight with a (housing) bear.

Join us and our guest Rob Bancroft if you’re at all interested in the idea of living in a community. 

-Guess the average house prices/rental game – 1:39
-Skip the intro nonsense by jumping to here where we actually start talking about communal living and creative housing solutions – 10:30
-Rob talks about his communal living experience – 12:14
-Housing as a social phenomenon VS an economic term – 15:47
-The time Rob tried to live just with his spouse… and got really lonely – 16:32
-John and Sandi lash back against the communal living ‘nightmare’ – 19:35
-Creating community when you’re far from home – 23:25
-The cold economics – 25:39
-Communication logistics (how do you make sure people don’t kill each other) – 27:44
-What happens if you own a house communally? – 33:15
-John checks in on the rent vs buy equation – 37:22
-Rob’s final plug for living with a bunch of other people – 43:45

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