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Noel D’Souza is a Money Coach with Money Coaches Canada. He specializes in efficient cash-flow management, long-term planning for individuals and families. Noel lives and works in Toronto Ontario and tweets @TOMoneyCoach.

“People aren’t born with specific money habits. Habits are formed, and they can be reformed. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, expect the same result. It’s time to think and act differently!”

To learn more about Noel, check out his bio page on the Money Coaches site.

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Noel established himself early as a “friend of the show” and has contributed behind the scenes to the conversation on Twitter during many of our broadcasts. Noel has been on camera in the following episodes:

Ep04 ” A New Hope with Noel D’Souzsa” – where we discussed the term ‘money coach’ being a synonym for “financial fairy god-mother”… among other things.

Ep14 “Why You (Yes You) Should Care About How Financial Advice is Regulated” in a rousing discussion with the panel and John Robertson, PhD about how financial advice is regulated and if the government is doing enough.

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