We are sad to tell you that our temporary season 6 hiatus has grown into a full blown season halt. Our goal in this season was to focus our discussions on transitions and 2020 been rich with them. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, school closures, and impacted businesses, both John and Chris lost their fathers in the past 4 months.

We still love each other, conversations about money, and all of you, but we have to take a break. After some discussion, we have decided to continue our Covid-19 hiatus. We’ll begin planning for our next season in the fall, and finish editing the episodes we already recorded then, to release them next season. We will make sure to keep you informed as release dates are set, and the best way to keep up to date is by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn, or becoming Patrons and joining our small Slack community, where we’ll post first.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy. In this time of financial stress and general uncertainty, conversation has never been more important. We hope that you are finding opportunities to share your stress, your resilience, and the tools that are helping you look forward with those around you. We look forward to inviting you into our conversations again in the future

Season 6 Episode 5: Welcome to Parenthood!

Listen, It’s impossible to accurately imagine how your life will be different after you welcome a new human into your it, so there’s no such thing as being fully prepared for becoming a parent. There is, however, such a thing as being prepared for what you know will happen (like the paperwork you’ll need to fill out, and the gotchas to avoid) in order to make it easier to focus on the stuff that completely blindsides you (like the utter insanity of it all or how suddenly and fiercely you fall in love with your new human).

Because Money Podcast Team

Chris Enns

Chris Enns


Chris Enns is a financial planner at Rags to Reasonable, where he works with artists and other folks with variable and sometimes unusual sources of income. He is a passionate servant of his community, a Mennonite farm boy, an opera singer and actor…and he makes  a mean pie. Just try to avoid seeing his desktop. (Chaos! Anarchy!)

Sandi Martin

Sandi Martin


Sandi Martin is an advice-only financial planner at Sandi Martin Financial Planning, and works with regular folks to figure out what they want their money to do for them and the simplest, smartest way to do it. She’s a slightly obsessive reader, mother of three, and frequent, loud laugher (you’ll see).

John Robertson

John Robertson


John Robertson, PhD, is the author of The Value of Simple and teaches regular people how to become DIY investors through his online course Practical Index Investing for Canadians. He also investigates deep money questions and goes on rants on his blog Oh yeah, he’s a scientist too. #smartestguyintheroom  (He didn’t write that last part.)

Because Money Season 6

Coming to your ears January 2020

S6 Ep5 | Welcome to Parenthood

Welcome to Parenthood Listen, It's impossible to accurately imagine how your life will be different after you welcome a new human into your it, so there's no such thing as being fully prepared for becoming a parent. There is, however, such a thing as being prepared...

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S6 Ep4 | But the Economy!

But the Economy! Are you as tired as we are of "the economy" being trotted out to support every tax and social policy argument? Do you wish that people who use the phrase "the economy" were required to specify exactly what they're talking about? Us, too.Because Money...

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S6 Ep3 | The Surprising Cost of Medical Care

The Surprising Costs of Medical Care Yes, we have socialized medicine here in Canada (and are grateful for it)! But if you or someone you love needs to travel somewhere for treatment, or medical supplies that aren't covered (like osotomy bags), or drugs that might...

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S6 Ep1 | Transitions

Transitions Welcome back to season six of Because Money! Since we last spoke, the show itself and each of our co-hosts have experienced transitions - some minor, some very, very major - and we've adopted the theme of transition to shape our conversations for the...

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Because Money Season 5 

For your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. 

S5 Ep15 | Why Podcast About Money?

Season Five Finale: Why Podcast About Money? Why talk about money on a podcast? We've all got our reasons, and we learned a bunch in this episode about each other's. Imposter syndrome, squishy soft skills and the importance of real hard data... we talk about why we...

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S5 Ep14 | Talking About Money by Yourself

Talking About Money by Yourself How do you talk about money when you're by yourself? We didn't even know this was a question you could ask... but John does (and does it well, naturally) in this solo episode...aka when your co-hosts don't show up on your recording...

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S5 Ep13 | Dangerous Defaults

Dangerous Default John leads the charge on challenging some of the defaults we have in the financial world... and why they're sometimes complete phooey   You can help make Because Money happen for as little as $1 a month through Patreon. You can also support the show...

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S5 Ep12 | Breakups

Breakups Breakups suck and money doesn't make them any better. We talk about how to talk about money in yet another situation where that's the last thing you want to talk about. You can help make Because Money happen for as little as $1 a month through Patreon. You...

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S5 Ep11 | Money & Mental Health

Money & Mental Health Mental illness and money... both things that people don't talk about and both things that are really really important things to talk about. And in all that talking, sometimes the best kind of help you can give is saying "I'm sorry, that must...

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Because Money Season 4 

For your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. You won’t regret it. We promise.

Because Money Season 3 

Just like in the previous section, for your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. You still won’t regret it.

S3 Ep14 | Season Finale with Preet Banerjee

Preet and Everything It's the last episode of Season Three, and because we don't want to see you fall victim to the summer slide, we're talking to Preet Banerjee about enough interesting stuff to keep you thinking until Season Four drops this fall, like: 0.33 - Why...

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S3 Ep 13 | Chris and John Talk Rent vs. Buy

Chris and John Talk Through Rent vs. Buy Chris knows all the buttons to push to get John, our resident housing bear, to pull out his rent vs. buy calculator: 1:37 - How should we start thinking about real estate 6:30 - Is renting just a phase of life 10:24 - Is there...

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S3 Ep 12 | Communal Living with Rob Bancroft

Communal Living with Rob Bancroft This episode has everything: a quiz that Sandi spectacularly loses, a guest that digs into the nitty gritty of communal living, and a fight with a (housing) bear. Join us and our guest Rob Bancroft if you're at all interested in the...

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S3 Ep 11 | Your Magic Number with Avraham Byers

Your Magic Number with Avraham Byers It's the one, the only Avraham Byers, Personal Financial Trainer, here to ring your doorbell every morning with $150, make awesome beard jokes, and talk about his recent (and fabulously simple) ebook Your Magic Number. Highlights...

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S3 Ep10 | Can Regulation Make Advice Better?

Can Regulation Make Advice Better? How can you be certain that the advice you're getting from a professional (an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor...a financial planner) is trustworthy? Is it enough to judge the advice based on how well you know and like the person...

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S3 Ep 9 | Chris and Sandi Think Through RRSP Loans

Chris and Sandi Think Through RRSP Loans In a departure from our normal format, Chris and Sandi spend this episode talking through their thoughts about RRSP Loans...twice. Why twice? Turns out we had more to say. Why audio-only? Chris wanted to test his show-editing...

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Because Money Season 2

We promise, there is lots of gold in our archives.

S2 Ep10 | “The Incomparable” Cait Flanders

The Journey Towards Minimalism How do you deal with "stuff"? You know... the "stuff" that surrounds you... all the time. Do you have boxes of "stuff" that you haven't looked in for 27 years but simply can't bring yourself to get rid of? This episode is for you. This...

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S2 Ep9 | “The Launch” with Richard Finnie

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make This episode we're joined by Richard Finnie, founder of, and initiative designed to encourage collaboration with entrepreneurs. He's  no stranger to podcasting himself, since as part of he hosts his own show...

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S2 Ep7 | Tom Drake

Getting Ahead On this episode of the Because Money Podcast, we are joined by Tom Drake, white collar by day, finance blogger by night. Chances are if you have spent anytime on the internet reading personal finance blogs, you have come across something penned by Tom....

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S2 Ep6 | Chris Enns from Rags to Reasonable

Who Cares Who Had It Worse? Do Millennials really have it worse? Or did Boomers really grow up walking to school uphill both ways? Does it really matter? That is where the conversation started, but it's certainly not where it ended. On this episode of the Because...

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Because Money Season 1

Seriously, we mean it. They’re good.

S1 Ep27 | Robert R. Brown

Wealthy Rabbits with RRSPs Special Guest Robert R. Brown Robert R. Brown is a freelance personal finance writer and the author of Wealthing Like Rabbits – An Original Introduction to Personal Finance.  He lives in Ajax, Ontario with his wife Belinda and their three...

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S1 Ep26 | Alexandra Macqueen

Eric, Ilsa, and Us Special guest Alexandra Macqueen Alexandra Macqueen is a Certified Financial Planner, retirement income specialist, co-author of the (soon-to-be) newly revised book Pensionize Your Nest Egg, and very gracious about usually being the smartest and...

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S1 Ep25 | So It’s Your First Time Budgeting

It's our last episode of 2014, and - in the spirit of the coming New Year - we're talking budgets. The Christmas bills are about to start rolling in, which means 'tis the season for resolving to control your money this year. We want you to stick to it, so in this...

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S1 Ep24 | Cent$ible Students

Teaching Kids About Money On episode 24 of the Because Money Podcast we are joined by Caroline Munshaw and Jenni Bolton of Cent$ible Students. They are self-proclaimed "money-moms" and work with kids in the school system from K-8 teaching financial literacy. Cent$ible...

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S1 Ep22 | Ellen Roseman

If you want something done about something, you send an email directly to Ellen Roseman and consider it case closed. Ellen has been a consumer advocate since before "consumer advocacy" was a thing, standing up to corporate giants and getting answers. Ellen Roseman is...

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