Better Conversations About Money with Ian McNaughton

We truly believe that real conversations about money have the power to improve how we make decisions about our finances. In this episode, we’re joined by Ian McNaughton, a seasoned coach and communications expert, to learn how to get better at having those conversations.

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Show Highlights

  • 4:12 – Ian talks about the effects of wealth
  • 6:48 – Ian talks about how to talk about money between generations
  • 21:20 – Ian talks about communicating in the really tough times and how to be with someone in the stress Introducing ‘respectful doubt’ into a conversation
  • 30:42 – Ian makes Sandi and Chris cry (the perfect thing to say to someone you love when you can’t communicate about money)
  • 44:45 – Ian’s story – wealth, crash, and building something different

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