How Do You Teach Financial Literacy?

Special Guest Kyle Prevost

Kyle Prevost is the co-author of More Money for Beer and Textbooks which may not be all that surprising given his profile picture features a good looking pint. Kyle blogs regularly on Young and Thrifty, a site dedicated to everything finance related for young adults.

Kyle is a school teacher in Manitoba and has a real passion for financial literacy and believes we have a long way to go in equipping the future generations to understand their money. Kyle speaks with a lot of authority because he is fighting the battle on the front lines.

We can all agree there’s a need to teach financial literacy so that we can make informed and responsible decisions with our money.  The challenge is how and where to implement financial literacy teachings and concepts.

After the financial crisis in 2008-2009, the federal government launched a financial literacy task force that travelled the country to learn what key stakeholders had to say about financial literacy.

Their conclusion: financial literacy is essential to the prosperity and financial well-being of Canadians, but further efforts are needed to implement a national strategy for financial literacy in Canada.

When you mention financial literacy, the first thing people say is that we have to start teaching personal finance in schools.  But that’s easier said than done.

This week on the Because Money podcast, we chat with Kyle Prevost, a teacher and financial writer who has some strong opinions on financial literacy and how best to implement it.

Kyle teaches in rural Manitoba and is the co-founder of the My University Money blog.  He also co-owns and writes at Young and Thrifty with his business partner Justin Bouchard.  Together they wrote More Money for Beer and Textbooks, a financial guide for Canadian students.

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