Season Five Finale: Why Podcast About Money?

Why talk about money on a podcast? We’ve all got our reasons, and we learned a bunch in this episode about each other’s.

Imposter syndrome, squishy soft skills and the importance of real hard data… we talk about why we think the bigger conversation around money is so important.

Thanks to all of our listeners :coughSethcough: for a great season. See you in the fall!

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Show Highlights

  • 1:00 – Why did Sandi start this thing in the first place?

  • 3:14 – The value in non-actionable conversations

  • 17:05 – John talks about the dangers getting lost in the data (for people who have spreadsheets for brains)

  • 18:30 – Kate and Chris talk about imposter syndrome and how hard it is to be in a conversation when you feel like you don’t know enough

  • 30:00 – Sandi talks about the importance of being seen

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