John Robertson PhD

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John Robertson PhD

Meet the Holy Potato aka John Robertson PhD. John is usually the smartest person in the room simply because he is a scientist and loves math. He shares his thoughts regularly on his blog Blessed by the Potato where he talks about financial literacy, spreadsheets, math, budgeting and the cloud of probability. Needless to say John knows his stuff and will make you see things differently.

The Holy Potato has actually joined us 4 times now on the #becausemoney podcast, and is now our on-air producer for Season 3. Check out his appearances:

Season 1 Ep08 “Borrowing Money isn’t Your Sacred Right as a Canadian” talking about statistics, retirement planning and borrowing money.

Season 1 Ep14 “Why You (Yes You) Should Care About How Financial Advice is Regulated” in a rousing discussion with the panel and Noel D’Souza about how financial advice is regulated and if the government is doing enough.

Season 1 Ep23 “Anonymous Advice and The Value of Simple” where we debate the merit of online anonymous financial advice and John shares some information from his new book.

Season 2 Ep04 “Who Should DIY Their Portfolio” where the how of DIY investing is set aside for the who of DIY investing.

Check out the Holy Potato’s complete bio on his website


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