Season One

Way back when the podcast was a baby, it was a live show with co-hosts Sandi Martin, Jackson Middleton, and Robb Engen. Take a look back at episodes featuring guests Ellen Roseman, Rob Carrick, Dan Bortolotti, Kerry K. Taylor, and Melissa Leong (and plenty more…we didn’t know about seasonal breaks back then and recorded 26 episodes before we took a breath.)

S1 Ep27 | Robert R. Brown

Wealthy Rabbits with RRSPs Special Guest Robert R. Brown Robert R. Brown is a freelance personal finance writer and the author of Wealthing Like Rabbits – An Original Introduction to Personal Finance.  He lives in Ajax, Ontario with his wife Belinda and their three...

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S1 Ep26 | Alexandra Macqueen

Eric, Ilsa, and Us Special guest Alexandra Macqueen Alexandra Macqueen is a Certified Financial Planner, retirement income specialist, co-author of the (soon-to-be) newly revised book Pensionize Your Nest Egg, and very gracious about usually being the smartest and...

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S1 Ep25 | So It’s Your First Time Budgeting

It's our last episode of 2014, and - in the spirit of the coming New Year - we're talking budgets. The Christmas bills are about to start rolling in, which means 'tis the season for resolving to control your money this year. We want you to stick to it, so in this...

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S1 Ep24 | Cent$ible Students

Teaching Kids About Money On episode 24 of the Because Money Podcast we are joined by Caroline Munshaw and Jenni Bolton of Cent$ible Students. They are self-proclaimed "money-moms" and work with kids in the school system from K-8 teaching financial literacy. Cent$ible...

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Season Two

In Season Two, Kyle Prevost joined the co-host team while Robb Engen took a step back. We killed the live format (thank goodness), and were joined by guests like Cait Flanders, John Robertson, Chris Enns, and The Frugal Girl.

S2 Ep10 | “The Incomparable” Cait Flanders

The Journey Towards Minimalism How do you deal with "stuff"? You know... the "stuff" that surrounds you... all the time. Do you have boxes of "stuff" that you haven't looked in for 27 years but simply can't bring yourself to get rid of? This episode is for you. This...

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S2 Ep9 | “The Launch” with Richard Finnie

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make This episode we're joined by Richard Finnie, founder of, and initiative designed to encourage collaboration with entrepreneurs. He's  no stranger to podcasting himself, since as part of he hosts his own show...

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Season Three

Season Three is where the show as we know it now (lots of conversation, fewer guests, more fEeLiNgS) started to take shape. Jackson and Kyle took a step back, and Sandi was joined by Chris Enns and John Robertson.

S3 Ep14 | Season Finale with Preet Banerjee

Preet and Everything It's the last episode of Season Three, and because we don't want to see you fall victim to the summer slide, we're talking to Preet Banerjee about enough interesting stuff to keep you thinking until Season Four drops this fall, like: 0.33 - Why...

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S3 Ep 13 | Chris and John Talk Rent vs. Buy

Chris and John Talk Through Rent vs. Buy Chris knows all the buttons to push to get John, our resident housing bear, to pull out his rent vs. buy calculator: 1:37 - How should we start thinking about real estate 6:30 - Is renting just a phase of life 10:24 - Is there...

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S3 Ep 12 | Communal Living with Rob Bancroft

Communal Living with Rob Bancroft This episode has everything: a quiz that Sandi spectacularly loses, a guest that digs into the nitty gritty of communal living, and a fight with a (housing) bear. Join us and our guest Rob Bancroft if you're at all interested in the...

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S3 Ep 11 | Your Magic Number with Avraham Byers

Your Magic Number with Avraham Byers It's the one, the only Avraham Byers, Personal Financial Trainer, here to ring your doorbell every morning with $150, make awesome beard jokes, and talk about his recent (and fabulously simple) ebook Your Magic Number. Highlights...

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Season Four

In Season Four we had all the conversations, including one about insurance with Julia Chung, and one about shame free money with Shannon Lee Simmons. They were rad, and you should check them out.

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