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Can Regulation Make Advice Better?

How can you be certain that the advice you’re getting from a professional (an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor…a financial planner) is trustworthy? Is it enough to judge the advice based on how well you know and like the person giving it? 

You might think that the regulation of “trust” industries, is somewhat of an inside baseball topic for Because Money, but we think that equipping yourself with an understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface while you’re sitting across the desk from your advisor can only make you a better, savvier consumer. Be warned: we get a little…er…passionate in this episode, so there’s some slightly salty language ahead. 

Plus, we put together a good set of contrasting articles to broaden your understanding of some of the issues we’re talking about, just in case you’re interested in further reading.


Headline for Because Money | Season 3 Episode 10 | Can Regulation Make Advice Better?

Because Money | Season 3 Episode 10 | Can Regulation Make Advice Better?

A good example of the industry argument that banning embedded commissions will hurt consumers"

OPINION: Advocis reacts to the CSA's latest consultation paper, calling the push to ban trailing commissions misguided and harmful to small investors.

John's outstanding breakdown of the shape of the advice industry now and what it's (rightly) evolving to become

There are many elements to a successful financial life. The industry tends to focus on investments, but that's changing with a new fee-for-service model.

An analytical look at the best interest standard (or fiduciary duty)

Not only was there a lack of overt consensus over exactly what the proposed best interest standard is, but the elephant in the room, the distribution model, around which the standard is to be wrapped, was left unmentioned.  Or was it?

Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights

The mission of FAIR Canada is to be a national voice for investors in securities regulation and a catalyst for enhancing the rights of Canadian shareholders and individual investors.

A familiar story from Sandi's years in banking

Longtime TD bank employees are speaking out about increasing pressure to meet sales goals — pressure they say is forcing them to sign up customers for products that can put them into debt, or risk being fired.

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