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Autoinvest.ca and Comparing Robo-Advisors in Canada

Sandi and John built a cool tool to compare robo-advisors across Canada, and in this show Chris asks us all sorts of questions about it. We’re all pretty excited about the calculator and the fintech revolution in general, so if you’ve been hearing about places like Justwealth, Wealthsimple, or one of the many other companies who offer portfolio management at a fraction of the price of average Canadian mutual funds, but don’t know where to start comparing them, this episode is for you. 

(Update: Sandi and John sold the cool tool and other people are making the decisions now)

Highlights include:

  • John’s starter guide to investing (in under 5 minutes): 2:18
  • Is a robo-advisor a robot? 7:27
  • Why are the fees so low? 9:06
  • Is my money safe?10:33
  • What are the differences between the many companies in Canada? 13:10
  • Why build a calculator? 15:38
  • The ‘best’ robo-advisor vs the best robo-advisor FOR YOU: 18:43
  • How we compared all the Robo fees: 19:58
  • Do they offer financial planning? 27:24
  • Should you consider investing with one of them? 31:05

Please come and play around with the new calculator at autoinvest.ca

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