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“Someone Should Teach This in School”…and Kyle Prevost is

So everyone agrees that financial literacy in Canada could get better… but how? Now that’s something that people don’t always agree on, and that’s why Kyle Prevost is the most interesting man in Canada when it comes to financial literacy. For years people have talked about how we should ‘really be teaching this stuff in school’ but he’s the only guy we know personally that’s actually doing it!

Join us for a rousing edition of Chris’ new game, Financial Literacy Trivia, and to find out how hard it really is to get financial literacy into the high school curriculum.

Headline for Because Money | Season 3 Episode 6 | "Someone Should Teach This in School"...and Kyle Prevost is

Because Money | Season 3 Episode 6 | "Someone Should Teach This in School"...and Kyle Prevost is

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