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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Change is hard, and since it’s just about time for all those resolutions to start making you feel guilty, we’ve put together an episode that includes what we’ll all look back on and remember as the single best piece of financial change advice in 2017. (Also: John is an evil genius.)

Here’s what to look for, if you want to skip to something that sounds interesting (I recommend 31:23)

4:19 – What actually helps people change their financial habits
5:58 – John makes the case for anger
7:50 – Sandi throws spaghetti at the wall
14:08 – Why change is really hard
27:00 – Do you need a rock bottom moment to change?
29:57 – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow
31:23 – Sandi’s mind gets blown
32:29 – John lays on the practical advice … and gets a little evil
35:05 – Chris gets philosophical

And – just like every episode – we take a few minutes to talk about the interesting stuff we read, watched or thought about this week.

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