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Kate is Making Space for Conversation

Hey, fellow money nerds: how do you talk to people who don’t know or don’t care quite as much as you do? Kate Smalley is our guest this week because A) as a maker and marketer with lots of financial services clients and a paraplanner at Spring, she’s really interested in how people talk about money and B) we really like her. You will too, trust us.

It’s a bit of a full-circle moment for Season 4, since we opened up the year hoping to have better conversations about money, so it’s a good point to take a brief hiatus. Watch this space for new episodes soon!

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Show Highlights

  • 14:13 – The power of vulnerability
  • 19:40 – Why you don’t need to know all the things to help people
  • 23:41 – How do you start a money conversation with people who have no interest in talking about money?
  • 24:00 – How the personal finance world is kind of like a fandom, and can be inaccessible to non-fans
  • 32:50 – How Kate has connected social media coaching with personal finance
  • 38:08 – Does the work have to happen one-on-one?
  • 44:39 – Should you tell your friends if they’re eating raw chicken?
  • 58:55 – Chris rants so hard he gets a foot cramp

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