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Mimi Comes to Call

If you’re an opera fan (and who’s not?), you probably know Mireille Asselin, and if you don’t, you should. She’s also Chris’ Number One Favourite Person, and she’s on the show this week so we can have a real conversation about how they manage their money and how they decide who pays for what.

Plus, we learn all about the lifecycle of an opera career, why Mimi likes real estate, and what it’s like to get a regular economy lecture on the way to ballet class.

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Show Highlights

  • 3:15 – the long (and stupidly complicated story) of why Mimi pays more rent than Chris
  • 9:38 – Managing money with a partner who makes a bunch more money than you do
  • 14:24 – Why it bothers Chris to not be able contribute as much as Mimi…
  • 16:31 – Digging into how we grew up financially…
  • 20:02- How dating Chris helped Mimi become a better saver
  • 26:13 – Do we give each other advice?
  • 29:07 – Planning for career transition and what’s ‘retirement’ for a couple of opera singers?
  • 35:20 – The stuff that we don’t have to talk about
  • 37:09 – We talk about whether we’ll even change the system

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