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The One Where No One Has the Right Disability Insurance

What does Chris need but doesn’t want, Seth doesn’t need but Sandi wants, and John’s family want and need but couldn’t have? (It’s not Nanny MacPhee, in case you’re wondering, although that would be the Best Episode Ever).

No, it’s…disability insurance! YAAAAAYYYY!

Turns out, nobody here has enough or the right kind or even the right person insured…so…BoOoOo, I guess.

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Show Highlights

  • 2:17 – John makes things get real… real fast
  • 4:02 – Why don’t we talk about Disability Insurance?
  • 8:07 – Sandi explains to Chris why he doesn’t have disability insurance yet
  • 16:34 – John breaks down his thought process on both life and disability insurance
  • 18: 23 – John talks about why this issue is so real for him
  • 20: 53 – A quick note on emergency funds
  • 21:45 – The difference between long and short term disability insurance
  • 25:28 – What do self-employed people need to prove income when applying?
  • 27: 35 – What do you do if you can’t qualify for disability insurance?
  • 29:32 – Chris makes more excuses
  • 31:06 – What non-insurance stuff can help in the case of disability
  • 36:31 – John changes Chris’ life with a letter to his aunt Beatrice
  • 39:11 – Sandi says ‘side hustle’ … everybody drink (also we talk about whether diversifying your income can help in the case of disability )
  • 47:07 – A little bit on the cost of long term disability insurance

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