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The One Where There’s a Difference Between Expecting and Expecting an Inheritance

None of us are ready to imagine a future without our parents in it. Full stop, fingers crossed, wood knocked, etc, etc. We’d all prefer to have our parents around until we die, thankyouverymuch, with no inheritance to speak of because they spent every last red cent on living long, healthy lives.

But – since this is the darkest timeline and our parents won’t be around forever – should we be accounting for their money in our financial plans? Is it silly to pretend that there will be nothing (unless there really will be nothing)?

In this episode, we’re talking inheritances: who expects one, who doesn’t, whether we should incorporate them into our financial plans today, and the difference is between expecting an inheritance and expecting an inheritance.

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Show Highlights

  • 6:58: Should we be considering our parents money when doing retirement planning?
  • 8:56: Can factoring in your parents money get you kicked out of the will
  • 12:11: What assets are necessary for my parents to use in their later life?
  • 13:53: Considering the family cottage
  • 19:33: What’s reasonable to expect?
  • 22:04: What if talking about it makes it worse?
  • 24:54: What’s the consequence TODAY of you counting on or not counting on your parents money?
  • 29:58: John says side hustle… everybody drink
  • 32:12: Does the conversation change when your parents get older?
  • 37:16: What to do first? Start talking…
  • 38:21: Apples to Apples – ageing parents edition

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