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The One Where Seth Comes to Call

Sandi and Seth talk about money a lot, and it’s interesting to hear about how they manage that. Of course Sandi lives in the world of personal finance and they spend a lot of time together, so we have to grade that one on a curve.

And just to underscore how much there is no single right answer, we’ll hear how their money systems have changed over the years to suit their lives (like having kids) and as technology evolves (like YNAB).

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Show Highlights

  • 7:23 – How do you guys do money?
  • 10:57 – Who does what in the Sandi/Seth money system?
  • 16:09 – How often do you talk about money?
  • 18:01 – How do you talk about buying big stuff?
  • 24:57 – How do you talk about longterm financial planning?
  • 28:35 – When do you want to retire? If ever?
  • 30:29 – How do you guys invest?
  • 32:37 – How do you guys talk about money with your kids?
  • 40:35 – The Seth and Sandi dream vacation

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