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I Know What You Did on Your Hiatus

We’re delighted that Kate is joining the show as a co-host, delighted to see each other again after a few months of summer break, and truly delighted to start having real conversations about money again.

So much delight. ALL the delight.

Join us for an episode of updates: Sandi talks about how building a business and building a family lifestyle at the same time can be discouraging, John swipes left on going part time, Kate goes from freelance to full-time and talks about her unconventional budgeting based on values, and Chris got married!

(Also we stopped recording the video, but if you loved watching us on YouTube and have some Patreon bucks to throw our way for editing, we’d happily bring it back.)

You can help make Because Money happen for as little as $1 a month through Patreon. You can also support the show by listening, sending us questions, and giving us those pretty gold stars on iTunes.

Show Highlights

  • 1:08 – Sandi asks “When will it be over?”

  • 6:40 – John breaks down thoughts on summer camp and cinnamon rolls

  • 9:43 – Kate catches up on the swap from freelance to employed life

  • 18:03 – Chris talks about getting married and how incredibly free it was

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