In a World…Where Rules of Thumb Rule the Day

The world of finances has so many ‘rules of thumb’. Most of the time they’re pretty useful, but in some cases they can be really dangerous.

(If you’re looking for a new drinking game, try counting how many times we say Rule of Thumbs in this episode. It’s…a lot.)

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Show Highlights

  • 5:30 – John talks about what averages are actually good for

  • 15:08 – Sandi breaks down how she figures out when you’re going to die

  • 18:12 – Chris talks budgeting rules of thumb

  • 24:11 – Rules of thumb VS customized advise

  • 32:24 – Global warming and looking out for ‘future us’

  • 38:23 – Does working with rules of thumb make finances seem more possible

  • 45:00 – Is getting it wrong catastrophic?

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