Does Everyone Need Financial Advice?

Does everyone need the kind of comprehensive financial planning advice that people like Chris and Sandi offer their clients? We think not…and spend some time revisiting last season’s finale about being the ones to encourage open conversations about money with people who (we bet you a thousand dollars) are just dying to talk about it without shame.

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Show Highlights

  • 6:21 – High school guidance counsellors – but for money!

  • 8:16 – Speaking the truth about your own money to kill the Shame Wizard

  • 11:49 – On the challenges of peer to peer financial education when your peer’s advice is “I’ve got a guy” and how “having a guy” isn’t synonymous with success

  • 15:11 – Why it’s easier for John to talk about his daughter’s RESP with other parents than other money stuff

  • 17:28 – Kate’s behavioural experiment is really cool

  • 21:55 – Starting with your own sh*t to create safe places for vulnerable conversations…and waiting for the entire world to admit they don’t like beer either

  • 28:38 – Default assumptions we could all benefit from talking about with each other and the benefits of Reflective IQ

  • 33:28 – The universal prescription: get more comfortable with the person you actually are, not the one you think you should be

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