John Stapleton on Retiring with a Low Income

It seems like retirement is the same for every one… but it’s really not, and John Stapleton joins us to talk about why retiring with low income is very different and requires a very different set of advice.

John is a writer, instructor and Innovation Fellow with the Metcalf Foundation.

He worked for the Ontario Government for 28 years in the areas of social assistance policy and operations and was Research Director for the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults in Toronto. John teaches on public policy for community advocates and is extensively published in local and national media. You can reach John at Open Policy Ontario.

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Show Highlights

  • 8:50 – How the wrong advice can cost a low income earner up to $60,000

  • 12:10 – The issue of clawbacks (rawr)

  • 18:30 – Is the problem a lack of advocacy or a lack of political will

  • 22:40 – Could Basic Income help?

  • 40:08 – The difference between tax credits and tax deductions

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