Dan Bortolotti

Dan Bortolotti

Do you know how hard it is to find a decent full size picture of Dan Bortolotti online? Anyway, this one might not be like any other on the site, but then again, Dan isn’t like any other guest we have had on the show.

Dan Bortolotti is the writer behind Canadian Couch Potato, a blog about simple, low-cost index investing that has changed the way lots of Canadians invest (for the better). He’s also a journalist, a regular contributor to MoneySense Magazine, and author of nine books, including The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio, Hope in Hell, and Wild Blue.

On top of all of that, he’s a licensed investment advisor who works closely with the team at PWL Capital on the DIY Portfolio Service.

You can read his complete bio here, check out the Canadian Couch Potato by clicking the image below, or you can watch Dan live on Episode 15 of the Because Money Podcast:

Ep 15 “How Not to be Your Own Worst Enemy” – where we examine a number of behavioural biases and how investors can overcome them.

Canadian Couch Potato

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