Michael Katchen

Michael Katchen

Michael Katchen is the founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, one of Canada’s new crop of online investment managers, and is on a mission to make smart investing cheaper, simpler, and easier for everyone.

Wealthsimple “manages your investments so you don’t have to”.

A dedicated Wealth Concierge will guide you through the entire process: from assessing risk tolerance and determining investment goals, to setting up regular monthly contributions. Wealthsimple will then build you a customized portfolio and start investing for you, they will take care of the ongoing management of your accounts by optimizing and rebalancing regularly through technology instead of manpower making their service extremely affordable.

Check out what Wealthsimple is doing, and have a listen to what Michael has to say about it:

Ep21 “What is Wealthsimple?” – where we talk about where the financial services industry is going in Canada.

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