Rob Carrick

Rob Carrick

When people hear “Rob Carrick” they immediately think “Personal Finance” or “Money”. Rob is a (the) personal finance columnist for Globe and Mail and has been writing about his experiences with money at the Globe since 1996.

Rob Carrick is also an author and has a couple books with really long titles: How NOT to move back in with your parents, the young person’s guide to financial empowerment & Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today.  You can find a link to these on his personal website.

Most recently Rob has been focusing a lot of his attention on writing about the housing market, the financial challenges that are being faced by Generation Y and how a longer lifespan will impact our retirement savings.

As such, it is no surprise that Rob joined us on Episode 17 of the Because Money Podcast:

Ep17 “Generation Y and Mindless Homebuying” – where we discuss young people and their insatiable desire to act recklessly (following right behind their parents) with their money.

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