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The One Where Insurance is Important But the Industry Sucks

So…did Chris get disability insurance since episode 4, or did he write a letter to Aunt Beatrice? Do you want to know how long it took and what happened? US TOO!

Plus, friend of the show Julia Chung, who you may remember from An American in Paris (Ontario)  returns to drop some insider insurance knowledge on us, including who to call when you need to make a claim, the nasty shock that might be hiding in your group policy, and how to get over fEeLiNgS and just get insured already.

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Show Highlights

  • 7:25 – Debunking disability excuse #1 – “I could do my job with broken arms and broken legs”
  • 15:56 – Do you have short term disability insurance
  • 18:54 – Horror story #1 – Why you have to understand your policy
  • 26:40 – What’s a non-evidence limit (and why does it matter)?
  • 29:15 – What does your spouse need to know about your insurance?
  • 36:16 – Reframing why you should get disability insurance right now (and the story of how Chris did just that)
  • 43:26 – What happens to your employer disability insurance when you leave your job?
  • 46:44 – A few thoughts on mortgage insurance
  • 52:38 – Is long term disability insurance taxable? … it depends

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