Season Finale: Why Podcast About Money?

Why talk about money on a podcast? We’ve all got our reasons, and we learned a bunch in this episode about each other’s.

Imposter syndrome, squishy soft skills and the importance of real hard data… we talk about why we think the bigger conversation around money is so important.

Thanks to all of our listeners :coughSethcough: for a great season. See you in the fall!

Because Money Podcast Team

Chris Enns

Chris Enns


Chris Enns is a financial planner at Rags to Reasonable, where he works with artists and other folks with variable and sometimes unusual sources of income. He is a passionate servant of his community, a Mennonite farm boy, an opera singer and actor…and he makes  a mean pie. Just try to avoid seeing his desktop. (Chaos! Anarchy!)

Kate Smalley

Kate Smalley


Kate Smalley is a maker and marketer who spins her own wool (really) and takes the most beautiful pictures of old and/or falling down things. She’s got enough experience in the finance industry to know where it’s broken and to have good conversations about how to fix our small corner of it.

John Robertson

John Robertson


John Robertson, PhD, is the author of The Value of Simple and teaches regular people how to become DIY investors through his online course Practical Index Investing for Canadians. He also investigates deep money questions and goes on rants on his blog Oh yeah, he’s a scientist too. #smartestguyintheroom  (He didn’t write that last part.)

Sandi Martin

Sandi Martin


Sandi Martin is a financial planner at Spring Financial Planning, and works with regular folks to figure out what they want their money to do for them and the simplest, smartest way to do it. She’s an occasional blogger, mother of three, and frequent, loud laugher (you’ll see).

Muhammad Dewji


Muhammad Dewji is a software developer, a new-ish father, and – if you can believe it – he just showed up in Jackson’s inbox one day last spring, offering to convert past seasons to audio files and turn this thing into an actual podcast. He’s just that nice.

Because Money Season 5 

For your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. 

S5 Ep9 | How We Plan

How We Plan Setting goals matters, both in our finances and in our general lives... but there's tons of ways to go through that process. We talk about personal goals, income goals, and the structures and tools we use to reach them. You can help make Because Money...

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S5 Ep8 | Death and Taxes…Well, Just Taxes

Death And Taxes...Well, Just Taxes The expectation is that we all understand taxes as soon as we start making income... but that's not what happens for most of us. We talk about weird tax stuff, our past mistakes, and what we wish was different about the system. You...

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S5 Ep6 | Couple Money: Owen and Susan

Couple Money: Owen & Susan We dearly love to interrogate couples about how they negotiate money, and for this latest round we caught Owen and Sue just before they went on a date and forced them to tell us how they talk about money with each other. Well, we say...

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S5 Ep5 | Does Everyone Need Financial Advice?

Does Everyone Need Financial Advice? Does everyone need the kind of comprehensive financial planning advice that people like Chris and Sandi offer their clients? We think not...and spend some time revisiting last season's finale about being the ones to encourage open...

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S5 Ep4 | Ethical Investing with Tim Nash

Ethical Investing with Tim Nash We're big fans of Tim Nash, and you will be too! Tim is the founder of Good Investing, an advice-only investment coaching practice that helps folks create low-fee, diversified portfolios around their ethical values. You can help make...

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Because Money Season 4 

For your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. You won’t regret it. We promise.

S4 Ep7 | The One Where Seth Comes to Call

The One Where Seth Comes to Call Sandi and Seth talk about money a lot, and it's interesting to hear about how they manage that. Of course Sandi lives in the world of personal finance and they spend a lot of time together, so we have to grade that one on a curve. And...

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S4 Ep2 | Mimi Comes to Call

Mimi Comes to Call If you’re an opera fan (and who’s not?), you probably know Mireille Asselin, and if you don’t, you should. She’s also Chris’ Number One Favourite Person, and she’s on the show this week so we can have a real conversation about how they manage their...

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Because Money Season 3 

Just like in the previous section, for your viewing pleasure, simply click into an episode from the list below. You still won’t regret it.

S3 Ep8 | How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Change is hard, and since it's just about time for all those resolutions to start making you feel guilty, we've put together an episode that includes what we'll all look back on and remember as the single best piece of financial...

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S3 Ep7 | Starting a New Business with Jessica Oman

Starting a New Business with Jessica Oman We're back after our holiday hiatus (so good!) with an episode designed to answer one question for all those aspiring entrepreneurs out there: what's stopping you? Join us as we pepper Renegade Planner Jessica Oman with...

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S3 Ep4 | “Alberta Then and Now” with Robb Engen

Alberta Then and Now with Robb Engen We've managed to convince Season One co-host Robb Engen of Boomer and Echo (and Rewards Cards Canada) to hang out and talk about what he's been up to and draft a fantasy portfolio. No, really: we could have spent an entire episode...

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Because Money Season 2

We promise, there is lots of gold in our archives.

S2 Ep5 | Randy Cass from NestWealth

A Flat Fee, Customized Global Portfolio Built Specifically for Your Life Goals Have you ever thought to yourself "Self, there has to be a better way for me to invest my money than in mutual funds with investment advisors who are making a percentage of what I invest,...

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S2 Ep3 | The Frugal Girl

In this episode of the because money podcast, we are joined by Kristen "The Frugal Girl" which is super exciting because as you will see in the video, Kristen is absolutely awesome. Kristen is a voice of reason in a world where frugal can mean a lot of different...

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S2 Ep2| With Jordan McFarlen and Salmaan Moolla

Can You Teach Business and Finance in High School? Yes. Yes you can, and these guys are here to tell us how! In episode 2 of the Because Money podcast we are joined by Jordan McFarlane and Salmaan Moolla, as we discuss teaching financial literacy and business in high...

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Because Money Season 1

Seriously, we mean it. They’re good.

S1 Ep21 | Michael Katchen

What is Wealthsimple? Guest Michael Katchan Michael Katchen is the founder and CEO of Wealthsimple, one of Canada’s new crop of online investment managers, and is on a mission to make smart investing cheaper, simpler, and easier for everyone. Wealthsimple “manages...

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S1 Ep20 | Side Money

Sometimes cutting costs just doesn't cut it - sometimes you need to make more money. This week, the King of the Side Gig Robb Engen talks about how to make the magic happen.  

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S1 Ep18 | Barry Choi

Travelling on the Cheap With Special Guest Barry Choi By day, Barry Choi is a director for City News and regularly appears on City's The5 to talk about personal finance, travel, and news. By night (or afternoon, or whenever he finds time to write), he blogs at Money...

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S1 Ep17 | Rob Carrick

Generation Y and Mindless Home Buying With Special Guest Rob Carrick << Seriously! When people hear "Rob Carrick" they immediately think "Personal Finance" or "Money". Rob is a (the) personal finance columnist for Globe and Mail and has been writing about his...

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S1 Ep16 | Kyle Prevost

How Do You Teach Financial Literacy? Special Guest Kyle Prevost Kyle Prevost is the co-author of More Money for Beer and Textbooks which may not be all that surprising given his profile picture features a good looking pint. Kyle blogs regularly on Young and Thrifty, a...

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